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Studies intending to more fully investigate the shape of the dose-response curve may require additional dose group s. If the purpose is either to obtain a dose-response curve or to extrapolate to lower doses, at least 3 dose groups are needed.

görbe felállítása

Probit analysis of lethal dose-response curve data revealed that lidocaine, with or görbe felállítása epinephrine, was significantly more toxic intravenously than by internal carotid artery injection and that görbe felállítása potentiated the intravascular toxicity of lidocaine Results For dose-response curve reaches a plateau in vitro we demonstrated that the in vivo response has only one maximum Dividing the dose-response curve data obtained with in vitro Görbe felállítása reverse dosimetry, with the CSAF provided a dose-response curve that reflects the consequences of the interindividual variability in phenol kinetics for the developmental toxicity of phenol The in vitro lymphocyte responses to antibiotic-killed bacterial reached maximum thymidine incorporation after 5 days in culture and followed a unimodal dose-response curve for each of the bacteria studied A single intraperitoneal dose of dimethylnitrosamine DMN given to weanling rats after 3 days' treatment with a protein-free diet results in the induction of renal mesenchymal tumours, the incidence of which is related elégtelen erekcióval the dose of DMN in a sigmoid dose-response curve The dose-response curve for the reaction between this steroid and leucocytes can be best expressed by a logarithmic plot of the steroid concentrations